Nigerian Microbial Culture Collections Programme

Microorganisms play vital roles in natural cycles in ecosystems as producers and consumers. They form the bedrock of modern biotechnology and are considered more diverse than plants and animals globally. However, microbial culture collections and conservation especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa have been very limited.

The current rate of biodiversity loss due to anthropogenic activities places a premium on the need to urgently collect, conserve and develop Nigeria’s microbial heritage.

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Culture Collections Information Worldwide is a database management system for culture collections in the world.

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Analyzer of Bio-resource citations

ABC is a platform that could support the researchers on the citations among papers, patent, genome, nucleotide sequences.

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Global Catalogue of Microorganisms

GCM is expected to be a robust, reliable and user-friendly system to help culture collections to manage, disseminate and share the information related to their holdings

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Reference Strain catalogue

This catalogue was produced to enable broader and easier access to the reference strains listed by the ISO Working Groups.

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