Gloria I. B. Obioh, PhD(Head, EBD, NABDA


The Current Status of the NMCC Database and the Road Ahead

Thanks for informing me that work has indeed started on the front end of the DB. I remember that between 03/08/2019 and 15/08/2019, I have shared with your team my understanding how the BASIC STATISTICS and the INFEX module are expected to function. I will reproduce them here, and if you still have specific question regarding issues which are not very clear, I will be pleased to receive them. (1) BASIC STATISTICS: The Basic Statistic module should provide the summary data depending on the region chosen. Hence before Basic Statistics is activated by pressing the key, the user should first choose the region. (I) If Nigeria is chosen, the typical basic statistics should be as below: A. Cultures Held There are totally xxxxx microbial spection in the above culture collections aaaaa of them are bacteria. bbbbb of them are fungi. ccccc of them are virus. ddddd of them are Cell line. (where aaaaa bbbbb ccccc, and ddddd are numbers out of the total of xxxxx microbial species in the collection).